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Search for truth.


In the world we live in today.. Corruption, lies, cover ups, economic hardship. I often wonder why some people continue to believe everything that is said and how hard people actually try to not take things at face value. We could be told anything and as long as it comes from our trust worthy government it is assumed that is true. Why do you believe that someone else has your best interest in mind? With so many scandals, you would think that the people would band together and demand answers to questions that have been left untouched, unturned. But yet today we still are living in a system of lies and deceit that keeps us going in circles day after day. I still have hope for us all as one people, but as long as we continue to blindly follow we will still be set back.



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Sounds like something right out of a movie. Whether it’s true is a mystery.

Osama Bin Laden


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Osama bin laden is dead.
Was he really responsible for 9/11
Why was he never charged?
Either way he’s dead and his body is in the hands of the USA.


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Your personal pictures, files, texts are not safe if you live in Michigan. Police now have devices capable of downloading all of your cell phone/ smart phone data in under just minutes. Is this what we have to look forward too.

Follow the light.


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Nowadays there’s so much UFO activity going on it’s mind boggling. This just adds to the pile. -Interesting video-

Take your chains off..



You feel like a zombie

Doing the same repetitive things over and over, day by day.

You have no real independent thoughts.

Your pre-conditioned to think and hold your standards to that of what you have seen or heard on tv.

You have lost connection with reality.


You can shut it down whenever you want.

Think outside the “box” literally.

Do something different.

Break free from the invisible chains that have locked on to you.

The water is fine!


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It melts holes right through concrete, required a hazmat suit to clean up and it’s in your water!

All in the family


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Words can’t describe this.


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Most people can’t already think for themselves and make tough choices. These people would rather you all stay in line and think the same. You are much better controlled that way. Of course you will want these things and you will pay top dollar for them to introduce these poisonous chemicals into your body, all while giving them the opportunity to control how you think and act.


Break Free .

Have you ever thought to yourself that this isn’t real?

Have you ever thought this doesn’t seem right?

Have you questioned your existence?

Do you feel that the system is setup or rigged?

I urge you to spend the time to deprogram your mind and free yourself from the chains that have been placed on you since birth.